OK, Now Let’s Talk About Furniture In The Bathroom!

We were talking about the new trend towards furniture in the bathroom…

When you think of a bathroom you often think porcelain, cold, clinical, utilitarian, maybe even boring? But there’s a surprisingly simple way to make the bathroom more welcoming… drag in a little warmth from elsewhere in the house.

And we went over some of the preliminary practicalities. Now, via 5280.com, we’ve got tips on how to make the bathroom a little more homey some help from the rest of your home!

Stylish Storage

It seems most bathrooms lack proper places for your stuff. Combine style and function with furniture that does double duty as storage.

Grandma’s highboy dresser might not work with your dining room chairs, for example, but in the bathroom it can become a highly functional statement piece.

But put a little thought into how you use the furniture. Sometimes it’s better to use an item as it’s designed than to convert it for the sake of style.

“When you convert something, you are losing storage space to plumbing, which might make this a better option for a powder bath, where storage is less important.”

Change The Tone

Choose pieces with personality to help soften aspace that might be otherwise clinical or cold.

Many new bathrooms have a modern style that might fight with the traditional furnishings in the rest of a home; adding a transitional piece of furniture can help bridge the style gap.

Bring It All Together

If you need inspiration, just look around you!

When chosen thoughtfully, furnishings in the bathroom will connect the space to the rest of the home. To find the right pieces, “keep in mind what’s already in the house,” Heldt says.


Do you use furniture in your bathroom decor? Are you thinking about it now? Let us know in the comments!