Furniture For The Bathroom? Yes! But first…

When you think of a bathroom you often think porcelain, cold, clinical, utilitarian, maybe even boring? But there’s a surprisingly simple way to make the bathroom more welcoming… drag in a little warmth from elsewhere in the house. has more on the trend toward furniture in the bath!

Whether it’s a fine rug or a sturdy sideboard, incorporating a thoughtful piece or two can soften the antiseptic tub-and-tile look and connect the bath to rest of a home’s decor.

First things first.

There are a couple of things to consider before you go shopping – or raiding the rest of your house – for bathroom furnishings. To begin with, the bathroom has a climate unlike any other room in your house. And, presumably, you like your things and don’t want them ruined by heat and moisture.

Before bringing traditional furnishings into the bathroom, it’s important to address ventilation, Heldt says. If you’re not confident in your ventilation system’s ability to combat humidity, test out the trend in a powder room, where moisture is less of an issue.

Secondly, the article recommends adding a “fine rug” to make your bathroom more comfortable. And we have an opinion on that. (Oh, boy, do we.)

“Obviously you don’t want to use it as your bath mat… but fine rugs are meant to withstand all kinds of stuff.”

Style-wise, a rug that’s small enough to wash (regularly) would probably be appealing. We’d just like to remind you that bathroom carpeting went out of style for a reason – namely, constantly dampish rugs can become smelly and unpleasant. Also, toilet plumes are a thing. Our personal preference is for a floor that can be mopped and left to dry properly, and pleasant rugs which are small enough to launder. Regularly.


Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, stay tuned for ideas on how to incorporate furniture into your bathroom, and make the room feel more a part of the house.